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Wetland Conservation

1. West Coast Wetland Ecology (WCWE)

Another passion of Dr. Frank Wygold is the health of the Paarden Eiland Wetland that borders our centre at the Brooklyn Chest Hospital. He has worked tirelessly to see to it that this wetland is preserved and that it is maintained. The core of his teaching effort has been to ensure that the children that come to the centre learn to appreciate the beauty and the value of it. This has been a thankless task until recently when WESSA came on board and supported him with a significant sponsorship.

2. Wetland Maintenance

This is an ongoing program of clearance, petitioning for action, teaching and education across the peninsula for people to get involved in the preservation of our ecological heritage.

3. Wetland Clearance Program

With the money provided by WESSA, Dr. Frank and the Stone Dragon team are clearing the wetland and opening up the choked waterways so that the system can function properly again. This is a massive job. Employing 12 men on a contract basis as part of poverty alleviation they have attacked the problem with gusto. Before and after photos show massive improvement and water is moving freely through the system again.

3. Birding

Dr. Frank has a long standing partnership with Cape Bird Club and has traditionally run several events for this organization per year in the Wetland. They have been occasional supporters of teaching amongst the underprivileged schools in the area too.

4. Representation

Dr. Frank (and in the future Jennifer) represents SDE on several important Capetonian Conservation orientated committees. He has served in leadership positions on many of these and has been part of them for many years. This is a vital function and his wisdom has played a powerful role in shaping policy around the Western Cape all all sorts of conservation and environmental issues. The committees include but are not limited to: Captrust, WESSA, Paarden Eiland Metro Association, Cape Bird Club, Friends of Paarden Eiland Wetland etc.

Wetland Conservation
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