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Teaching Outreach

1. Laboratory Workshops

We offer schools FREE workshops in science, natural science, conservation and biology. The core of the teaching is done by Dr. Frank with support from other volunteers. At the height of this operation the centre and its associated teachers taught 9 970 pupils (2002). We look forward to massive forward growth here as finally sponsorship makes it possible for us to appoint a new full time teacher at the centre.

2. WCFSC Mobile Support to Local Schools

Right the way through the operational life of the WCFSC we have been offering our WCFSC program to local schools as a mobile operation. We have been taking the centre to the children. For years Dr. Frank carted his microscopes and samples around in his battered Opel. We have upgraded this operation and it has grown into its own arm of the SDE. It continues though from the WCFSC and in 2008 (under Jenny van Niekerk) we expect it to grow into a significant outreach program to the TWELVE local schools that surround the centre.

3. Dragon Family Days

A new program successfully piloted by SDE in 2007 the Dragon Family Day provides a multi-pronged outreach day to vulnerable or damaged subsets of the community. It includes sports coaching; WCFSC science displays; remedial science, mathematics, natural science and physical science revision classes; face-painting; jumping castles; babysitting services and general fun for a six hour period on a school-holiday weekday. We expect the WCFSC to hold 12 of these in 2008.


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Teaching Outreach
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