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West Coast Field Study Centre

  1. Wetland Conservation
  2. Teaching Outreach
  3. Centre for Practical Entrepreneurial Survival Skills

Dr. Frank WygoldDr. Frank Wygold started the West Coast Field Studies Centre in 1990 in Darling.  His aim was to develop a love for natural history within young people in urban areas since they lack any contact with valuable ecosystems.  The centre was to emphasize the need to educate and inspire the awe of nature in underprivileged students.

Currently situated on the property of Brooklyn Chest Hospital, there are facilities that with forward planning and funding have the potential to accommodate thousands of pupils.  There is a small permanent laboratory in place to view specimens and to study data collected from the wetland itself.  There is however much room for positive expansion of the facility.  The prime focus of the centre however, is to immerse the students in the field and have them interact with nature as much as possible, whilst developing practical skills that enhance their understanding of, and technical competence with, working ecologies. In addition the centre plans to teach pupils entry level physics and chemistry. All courses follow National Curriculum Guidelines and the outcomes at every phase play a key role in course planning. In addition the facility will serve as a staging point for the Field Camping operation.


Wetland Conservation
Teaching Outreach
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