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Dr. Frank Wygold has also worked very hard to see to it that the people in and around the Brooklyn Hospital are treated with dignity. For a long time the fact that the TB patients did not have a way to make a decent living and as a result lived lifestyles that allowed the disease to reoccur was a serious cause for concern. CEPSES was the result of this concern. This program is designed to leave the participants with skills that will allow them to make a sustainable survival income with a single skill.

1. Hospital Vegetable Gardening

Every year for the last few years Dr. Frank has initiated and run a program in the Brooklyn chest hospital with the TB patients who are no longer infective. The program runs several times a year for a period of eight weeks. The patients are each allotted ground and then taught how to grow vegetables from seed or cutting. The vegetables are then harvested and used by the patient for barter or for food. This has been a highly successful program but it is labour intensive, works with very few people and requires significant effort to make successful.

2. Hospital Survival Skills Program

Overlapping with the vegetable gardening program are other programs that are skills based and are designed to give the patients and others who participate skills that will allow them to make a sustainable living. Included here are courses on candle-making, wood-working, computer repair and metal working.

3. Dunoon Vegetable Gardening Liason

Dr. Frank has extended his agricultural knowledge to the community at large. He works with the township community of DuNoon and Joe Slovo to facilitate their vegetable gardening programs. This allows them to be far more effective and to raise the yields of all the crops that they have under cultivation.

4. Amasango Occupational Therapy Workshops

Recently (2007) a small team of volunteers has commenced work out of Rhodes University in Grahamstown. This team is working with a level four-five disciplinary school called AMASANGO. The children that go to this school are discipline problems and they are on the verge of poor choices. ALL of them come from underprivileged backgrounds. The team runs occupational therapy workshops with the pupils using knitting and other social skills-based workshops to ease their frustration and to bridge-build to more serious interpersonal issues.


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