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This is the meat of our operation. We reach out into previously disadvantaged communities and we teach syllabus based material or extension material from Grade 3-12 to thousands of poor young people.

1. Outreach Workshops

Outreach WorkshopsWe have completed 106 of these workshops in 2007. School s are able to request topics that they would like covered or they can order off a menu. The menu for 2006-2007 is included in this application. We do several large workshops on reproductive health and the doctors in our midst teach on first aid, aids, menstrual health, contraception and reproductive choice. We also provide teacher training workshops when asked to do them. This is a special privilege for us to do and we relish the opportunity.
We provide all our services to disadvantaged schools free of charge unless we have exhausted sponsorship budgets in which case the listed PDI process are charged. We are VERY proud to say that NO disadvantaged client was charged in 2006-2007 thanks to our mixed funding model.

2. Corporate Mobile

Corporate MobileCorporate mobile is an inspiring new concept in the SDM. We have piloted this concept with Vodacom this year and it was a smash hit. It involves using technically minded corporate to volunteer large groups of staff top teach in a school for a day.
We prepare the timetable of the school, do the preparation of the requested lessons and then communicate this to the corporate that is involved. The result is a large number of children taught in one or two days. We hope to see this program grow significantly next year. We are VERY proud that schools trust us enough at this stage to cede the whole day and the timetable structure to us and allow us to run with it.

3. Greater Good South Africa initiative

We have been involved with this previously Shuttleworth based initiative for three years now. We won the best stand at GGSA 2005, the award was presented by Mark Shuttleworth himself. Since then we have participated in successive DO IT DAYS.

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