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Transferring a passion for the environment, a passion for serving people and a passion for the quality and value of life are the focus points of this arm of the organization. It is the most volunteer intensive arm, making more than 1500 volunteer spaces available per year for 2006-2007. It teaches (by active modeling) managerial competence and deep responsibility to the volunteer within it.

We have many young men and women from all walks of life taking executive responsibility before they are 25 and doing so with distinction. This is a source of great pride to us as an organization. It is in this operation that the immense personal capital of SDE is visible. We have great people, and they volunteer so much of themselves annually to make us better and to reach more underprivileged young people with the strike arms of the organization (e.g. like mobile, WCFSC and CEPSES). For 2006 and 2007 we presented 24 camping events. We hope to significantly expand this in 2008.

1. Natural Science Camping

Natural Science CampingThis is the core focus of all we do. We believe that the passionate conservation of our environment depends on the passionate transfer of a love for the environment from others who already love it. This is best done during the island experience that a camp provides.
This deep seated inculcation of a love for the world gives South Africa citizens that are green conscious and who carry splinters of the African landscape in their heart wherever they go. They can no longer be neutral when voting or making choices. They have also learned to love learning. This skill is useful in ALL academic endeavors regardless of the learning area.

Our camps in this genre are hands on and experiential. We shun worksheets and the drudgery that pupils so often associate with learning. We let them catch, grab, feel and see. They can ask questions and explore without the hindrance of bells and timetables. We allow them to play and have fun and to make learning based menu selections. This means that they gain a sense of control over their own learning. This independence goes a long way to their sense of pleasure being heightened in the overall experience. It is all about them breaking the mold of their understanding of learning and study.

2. Leadership/Adventure Camping

Leadership/Adventure CampingWe also offer a large and varied set of adventure based camping products. These are strongly themed around personal and community growth. The students are challenged about the quality of their lives as individuals and also their contribution to the quality of life that others lead around them. Issues of race relations, gender relations and the relationships between members of different age groups are raised. These issues are discussed and then challenges are issued. We ask the pupils for a higher standard of behavior, conduct and expectation of self and others when it comes to the issues of relationships.

Several of the camps offered also expect the pupils to rise to significant physical challenge and place before them questions of character. In addition they are expected to work together in groups and to manage the experience of being responsible for each other.

3. Unique Research Camping

Unique Research CampingCamp Copperhead was written in conjunction with Miss/Dr. Samantha Stoffberg and several other academics at UCT and elsewhere. It was written as a research platform for local and overseas academics. They would use the camp as a docking station for research projects in the Karoo.

The camp, based at Gecko Rock in the Karoo, is unique in that the school students sent on the camp provide the labour for the researcher to collect the data which would then be used to publish. We piloted the camp this year and look forward to it growing from strength to strength in 2008. We hope to see academic papers published from it in the next five years. We are also hoping to source funding for the camp from overseas so that most, if not all of the pupils who attend it in the future will be gifted science students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The massive advantage to South Africa of this approach is that volunteerism as a lifestyle is encouraged in the young and they are encouraged to remain in our country. We think that this is a strategic contribution to the future of South Africa.

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