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  1. What is your tax status?
    We have applied for Section 18A status and Public Benefit Status and our application is pending with SARS.
    We look forward to a positive result.
  2. Do you have a financial officer and are your financial processes regulated?
    Yes. We have an accountant and we have complete books for our operation from 2004 to present.
  3. Why the name Stone Dragon?
    It is a secret. Join us and find out.
  4. Do you need to be a zoologist to join the team?
    No we accept lesser biologists too .... lol
    Seriously though, we accept all serious people with a love for others and a bias to action.
    They need to be willing to sacrifice time and effort to be trained and to be part of our events.
    We do not exclude people because of their age, field of expertise or academic background.
    We are always looking for new recruits.
  5. How busy are you in a year?
    In 2007 we taught or worked with 30 000 people of whom > 88 % were from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Most of these were taught in our Mobile Program (106 events) and at the West Coast Field Studies Centre.
  6. What do I need to know if I join up?
    Wow .... lots of things. Perhaps most important is the reality that you become part of an elite team. A team committed to reaching out to others. That committment will change you and the trajectory of your life for the better. It is also a committed family where you can be yourself and find fulfillment expressing your professional and personal gifts.
  7. Will being part of Stone Dragon cost me anything?
    Time, sometimes a little cash (although we try our best to compensate you for expenses where ever we can), effort and ingenuity. It will reward you a thousand fold in return. Read the testimonials here
  8. Why the nicknames?
    We are a closely knit group and the nicknames are an expression of that culture. If you join, watch what you say and do for the first few days, that's when you usually get your name. We look forward to you getting yours.
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tel: +27 (0)82 304 8161
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