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Being a dragon means different things for different people. Some see it as a hobby, some as a career and others see it as a honourable way to give of their time. For me, SDE has become a way of life. In all aspects of my life, both personal and professional, SDE becomes a focus of endeavour. I find myself always thinking of ways to wrangle stuff or gain sponsorship, or most importantly, look for more dragons to join our flight… (I even find myself “sneaky-russianing” my boss for stuffJ) However on a strictly personal level, SDE has allowed me to realise my potential, utilise my gifts to an extreme I would never have otherwise reached, and most of all has given me a most precious gift, the gift of vision.

I am no longer a blinded youth, I no longer see people as greater or less. Most of all, I can confidently say in my heart I am doing something with my life that benefits people of all races without prejudice and for their own betterment. SDE has given many different things, but as I once found myself saying, and I think all who are part of it will agree… Dragon, it’s the way to be…


I have been involved with Stone Dragon Education for the better part of the last decade, from being a pupil in grade 9 on the very first draft of what is presently known as Camp Savage, to having the opportunity to station manage on the same product some years later.  It is very difficult to summarise the wealth of knowledge, fulfillment and friendship I have gleaned these last years by working alongside a team of incredible dragons.  The journey has been extraordinary because of all the young people I have met, the laughs we have shared and the memories I will cherish forever.

Stone Dragon Education is an integral part of me and has influenced my life choices in a major way.  Despite the voluntary long hours and hard work, I feel honoured to be part of a dream come true: being and inspiring the change we want to see in the world.

“Cha Cha”

Stone Dragon inspires me. It is an organization fueled by the passion of amazing men and women who will do whatever it takes to see a difference made in the lives of South Africans. It is a channel through which we are able to focus our combined passion to achieve the greatest effect, and a place where any contribution, no matter how small, is valued and appreciated and BELIEVED IN. Stone Dragon is a place where your gifts will be harnessed, developed and ridiculously exploited. And it will feel brilliant. It’s a place where you will be expected to do things that you cant. And you’ll realise that you can. This awesome organization is unique and ALIVE, it BELONGS to us and we are significant and essential to it.

My involvement in Stone Dragon has been characterized by bouts of spastic-colon inducing stress and, more significantly, moments of overwhelmingly incredible joy. I have had the privilege of operating within my passion and working alongside people who I have come to truly treasure. Stone Dragon has made me realise that I am more than I thought I was. And my experience of it has been more than I could have ever imagined it to be.


The burden of social responsibility weighs heavily on my heart, not only because I have enjoyed a certain level of privilege all my life, but also because I feel I have been blessed with some innate talents and many opportunities to develop skills which are best utilized in the social action arena.

I have an intense passion for people, and a love of Africa and her inhabitants which cannot be ignored. The injustices that riddle our country, our continent even, induce in me a strong need for action, and my ultimate goal (or perhaps it is a God-given purpose) is to impact this situation in some way.

Stone Dragon Education is, obviously, a place for me to exercise this passion. Every activity which we undertake aligns with the ambition of my heart, and I always leave an SDE event with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

I love this organization, and I am committed to seeing it reach its full potential, because I believe in its ability to induce change in this country. And I love Stone Dragon people, who all have hearts that are free to love and give of themselves tirelessly.

I am proud to be a member of the SDE family and consider it a blessing to be a part of what we are doing.


Stone Dragon gives young people the opportunity to experience the great outdoors in a way that we never knew we could! I am one of the few Camp Leaders who didn’t take Biology up until Matric (or in some cases well beyond it!); thus I get an entirely different and far more intense experience out of the camp than many of my fellow leaders do.  Every camp I’ve been on has revealed itself to be an amazing success due to thorough organisation. 

The students that come tend to forget for a weekend who they are pretending to be, and instead show a side of themselves that hints at who they could one day become.  The weekend is long enough for all to make new friends and we leaders are able to sit back and watch students develop in a time period so short that a transformation would under any other circumstances seem impossible.  Although the camp only runs for a few days, the brief but intense contact with the wonders of nature is enough to capture the hearts of the students exposed to it, awakening a new love and appreciation for the science of Biology.  It’s not often that young people take the time to stop, stare and ponder about amazing processes and tiny details that make up the world around us. 

I have found that Stone Dragon has given me the curiosity to ask questions about the simplest things.  Soon it will offer the same initiative to you, as long as you are prepared to open your mind to the possibilities that lie beyond Durbanville.  This new approach to life that Stone Dragon presents us with is powerful.  Use it, or miss out.

I personally am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given and look forward to the camps to come!

“Jenny Aston”

Perhaps the difficulty in writing this comes from the difficulty I have in writing out emotions. How do you describe love, trust or hope? I’ll do my best. I came into the organization fresh out of high school. Discovering who I was and what I was capable of, seemed like more of a ‘distant tomorrow’ than a ‘tangible right-now’. My mindset, when I started out, was that I would find something to do with myself that could possibly be interesting. My mindset changed, and fast. The work is tough, and the stumbling blocks we may encounter along the way keep us on our toes, but these aren’t labours, they’re challenges. The results of overcoming them are their own reward and have made me stronger for it. I could never know what I was capable of, until Stone Dragon gave me the chance, and the safety, to find out for myself. I’ve met amazing people, who have done amazing things, and drive me to do the same. I’ve been inspired to see the world through the eyes of many, but never loose sight of its beauty. I’ve learnt that I will always grow, change, and what Stone Dragon means to me now, will not be what it means to me tomorrow. I’ve realised that Stone Dragon will forever be a part of me, because I am a part of it.

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Call it Stone Dragon.


Stone Dragon is the opposite of stereotype. Stone Dragon is the coming together of non-stereotypical individuals who do non-stereotypical things. 
We allow little room for the expected and ordinary, and encourage individualism.

We introduce opportunities to individuals; we introduce options to individuals and provide them with alternatives.  But most of all we relentlessly offer our open hearts to individuals. Stone Dragon is an encouragement and strain on your individualism while functioning within a backdrop of diversity, and through this paradox, promotes optimality in human beings.

Psychologically speaking of course…

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