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Official Stone Dragon LogoDr Frank Wygold, first envisioned his dream whilst fighting in the Korean War in 1951. It was on the gun deck of the HMS Jamaica that he and his compatriots first realised that the youth of the world were suffering from a detachment from their natural environment, and that this estrangement had consequences that impacted the rest of their lives.

After many of the men who took part in that conversation had died in an attack which he miraculously survived, Dr Frank decided to carry their dream of changing this situation to fruition. He dedicated his life to the development of Natural Historians and conservationists, and in 1997 he began his latest venture – the West Coast Field Study Station.

Mr. Peter Le RouxPeter Le Roux, was a biology teacher at Fairmont High School when his vision for change was birthed. He was distinct from others in his profession in both his methods and his attitude toward young people: he believed that should they begin to take themselves seriously, they would be the force that could forge their country into something new and magnificent. At the North-American Biology Teachers conference in Montreal, Canada. Pete was introduced to the concept of the field station, widely used in both Canada and America for school excursions, with the responsibility for these excursions lying not with the schools, but with a service provider. The consequence of his introduction to this new concept and many other concomitant revelations was a new biology programme at Fairmont High School – an innovative programme which used the skills of past pupils to build into the lives of present pupils, resulting in personal development of all concerned.

It was not long before this new programme became an institution, an organisation in its own right, which provided these services to more than just Fairmont, but to schools all over the Western Cape with the same needs.

Stone Dragon Education was born of these experiences, and quickly attracted a body of Fairmont ex-pupils who were committed to its vision. In the beginning focussed on change in South Africa’s traditionally insular Model C schools. SDE attempted to engender in the pupils and staff of these schools a commitment to a missionary vision, a vision to reach out to disadvantaged schools, and build into their lives. The organisation enjoyed great success with its environmental field camping programmes for all grades and ages. Soon they were ready to expand…

In 2003, after a fortuitous meeting a few years earlier and the discovery that their visions for change coincided, the two Jedis (no longer as young as they once were) decided to join forces, as it were. The two organisations, WCFSC and SDE, fused under the Voluntary Association Model of Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa, taking the umbrella name of Stone Dragon Education.

Today Stone Dragon is a widely known educational organisation which provides a broad range of services to over 30 advantaged and more than 60 disadvantaged schools, as well as organisations such as Rotary Club International and the V&A Aquarium, with a significant sponsorship from TotalGaz South Africa. 

Our far-reaching programmes include West Coast Field Studies Centre, Stone Dragon Field Camping, Stone Dragon Mobile, Stone Dragon Red, and the Centre for Practical Entrepreneurial Skills.

Stone Dragon Leaders/VolunteersStone Dragon now enjoys input not only from past- and present-pupils of various schools we have worked with over the years, but also from undergraduate and post graduate students of University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch, as well as professionals from the educational sector, service industry, and many more arenas of expertise. Our administrative base is Elkanah House High School.

Stone Dragon combines all that is excellent and stimulating in environmental education with all that is challenging in life. We continue in our commitment to produce change the hearts and minds of young people of South Africa…

And our wings grow daily.

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